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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keep Tornado alley in your prayers

They say tornadoes are coming my way today. I really hope my house or anyone elses doesnt get hit! I've got some kool projects I've been working on!

I was watching the news and Joplin Mo just broke my heart.

Short and sweet post today. Please keep Tornado Alley in your prayers.


  1. We've been hit pretty bad up here too. It wasn't nearly as horrible as Joplin, but still very sad to see the loss in North Minneapolis. We live 8 blocks from where the twister hit. Feeling so fortunate and thanking the Lord we didn't suffer any loss. We'll keep you in our prayers. Please do the same for our neighbors. North Minneapolis is known to be very poverty stricken, so it's going to be a difficult recovery.

  2. We did not get hit that night luckily. Thanks for all the prayers cause in gets scary living in Tornado Alley sometimes, but I would'nt live anywhere else!