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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I started cooking recently, more so than usual, and I just wanna share my cool concoctions with my readers. I am not a perfect chef nor a perfect writer. But I love sharing what I learn with anyone who will listen. 

Here's a simple recipe that takes only 3 ingredients!!! 

I make this a lot and tonight as I chose to photo the process of being made, I got sidetracked and burned them!!! So there's no after picture. Just trust me. Even though they were burned my fiancé and I ate them all up anyway. They are that good and so healthy for a sweet treat. I don't recall seeing this on any other blog or recipe page. But I must've seen other versions or mixed several granola recipes together in my mind and threw in what I had on hand. Only 3 ingredients!!! The first time I made these it was magical!!! Not so much this time, but practice makes perfect!


Preheat oven to broil-about 400 or more depending on your oven.....KEEP AN EYE ON IT

1. ONE PKT INSTANT OATMEAL-maple and brown sugar
2. Nuts of your choice-I used pecans and cashews
3. Honey(I always have on hand cause I use honey in my coffee in place of sweeteners or sugar. A much healthier option and I can't tell the difference)

Just mix the honey with the oats and nuts until it starts to stick in clusters

Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with non stick spray.

Spread out the clusters and broil for 5-7 minutes or until toasty brown. 

Do not over broil! 

I think you could add coconut flakes or dried fruit to change it up a bit....maybe even some mini chocolate chips! 

I will update this when I get a better picture of the finished product.....happy healthy eating :)

I have not blogged in forever! My life has been a little bit of a roller coaster the past few years and I just can't shake the writer's block. Until now, I've been working hard at changing my direction. I've been a nurse for 14 years now and been tired of the work and odd shifts and on call for about 12 of those years so I have decided to pursue skin care. I'm officially starting esthetician school in July! I'm so excited about it. I've also changed my diet and began being very aware of GMO and un-natural food products. It goes beyond food, almost EVERYTHING is unnatural these days. Obviously no one can make those changes all at once and the Internet is flooded with information so it can be very overwhelming.

I am selling a skin care line called Neal's Yard Remedies that started in the UK. These are natural organic products that are affordable and good for your skin.

Neal’s Yard Remedies started in London, with the belief that health and beauty products should be natural and less synthetic. These products are truly outspoken. Even the packaging materials are made as eco friendly as possible. The ingredients are grown from organically certified farms, we are an active member of the Fairtrade Foundation, Soil Association and other ecological groups. 
We are proud to be the first UK retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral®. Our belief in sustainability means we use only the wild, organic, and natural ingredients nature can afford to give. We avoid polluting, toxic, or harmful substances, and we don't over-package. 
Now we are one of the top organic skincare companies in the UK, Japan and Dubai, with direct selling channels in the UK and US. 
Now is the time to get on the board with this skin care company. Say goodbye to GMO, chemicals, and unsafe ingredients. 
I found this company while looking for safe and natural skin care products. We also offer vitamin supplements, and makeup. Join us in the US!
I'm pretty pumped to be be on the ground floor of this direct sales market. Everyday I wash my face and hydrate with the Frankensence products. My face feels so fresh. The little whiteheads that used to plague me have started vanishing and my complexion is improving. I can't wait to start promoting the products. Plus, by starting my day with a facial routine, it reminds me to keep my diet and lifestyle in check. Here's the website for more info: https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/alexisheath

Ok so I've been in and out of a few jobs, relationships, and had some major changes this past couple of years. I really do want to write about all of it now. I've found a man who I absolutely adore and he adores me and shows it. He is my best friend and he proposed in January!!! Im so lucky and excited to plan our beach wedding!!!

My craftiness has slowed down a bit but I expect that to pick back up soon. I've discovered I love cooking and gardening more than I used to, so I may write about those things!

Have a great day!!!