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Friday, April 29, 2011

KILZ is killing my mood!!!

IS there any other spray primer as good as KILZ but that costs WAY less? I love my KILZ primer, but it just KILLS(no pun intended) the mood to revamp a large object when it takes so much spray primer. I would like some input on this if anyone has any better suggestions.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I really fell for these clear glass lamps from PB ranging from $150-$199):

And then there is this one from Ballard Designs for $119:
Image courtesy of ballarddesigns.com

And then there is my yard sale finds:
$7 lamp with white shade, I am going to try to find a rectangle or smaller shade for this lamp and cover it in burlap to be more like the inspiration pieces.
 And the $5 glass lamps that have some serious need for TLC!!! The stuff inside, some kind of grass like stuff and fake birds will come out and then I will paint the bases to be one color and then get some nice shades. Of course I will clean out the glass and shine it up.

So there you have it, some of my "to do" projects. I am certain I can get the look for less with these yard sale finds. I will update this post as soon as I get them done!

UPDATE: I have finished fixing one of these lamps:
 recovered with burlap and highlighted the top and bottom with brown paint to help it stand out better!
for $7, i love it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Smores

This is not an original idea, I have seen it all over Blogland. I just couldn't resist trying it for myself. Since I am not a "festive" person and I despise dying eggs, this is one easy, fast, fun, and very little mess yummy Easter treat project!

Just microwave for a few seconds without the top graham cracker, don't let the Peep get too hot, it just takes a few seconds

I am excited about the halloween orange Peeps, they will make some cute ones too! Here are some other cool Peep inspired ideas:



Sunday, April 17, 2011

learning to save

my new motto- if it's not something i already own or have on hand, it is not recycled or repurposed. i have to stop spending money on things to create and start actually creating. with the exception of spray paint that is usually needed for all my projects. so i already have enough projects to do and i am vowing to use up my current resources before buying more. i have some new ideas for stashing cash too. checkout this site. http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/wolfe107.html

have a great day!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doggy bed!!!

I'm sorry that I have not blogged lately. I have been in this depressed, bored, lazy slump, and I have had too much personal stress going on. I am finishing my 2 weeks notice out at my current job and going to work for my grandfather, I am actually relieved cause I need a break from nursing big time and I want to spend more time with the family anyway. I also had to make a last minute out of state trip for my little sister which totally wore me out. 10 hours one way, not fun. Add my snoring mother to the one night hotel stay = no sleep for either of us. But we are survivors and we made it! I love you, Mom, btw if you are reading this.
Okay so back to business. I found this awesome idea on Houzz.com  http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/177690/list/DIY-Project--Vintage-Suitcase-Dog-Bed

BTW if you are not checking out Houzz on a regular basis you are missing out! I love that they have an iPad app too.

Here is the before pic, the blue color is pretty but not going to work for the room I am putting the dog bed in.

 Anyway the steps are pretty much the same as the link describes. I have to say, getting the bed apart was the hardest part of the whole process. The luggage I had bought at a flea market for $2 was sturdy but did not have regular screws, the hinges were like brads. OMG this was hard work, I beat it with a hammer, pried it with a screwdriver(which broke the screwdriver) and finally i opened it, turned it inside outish, and stepped on it to break the hinges free, that only freed one of the them, the others I just had to keep prying with my broken screwdriver. Here is a photo of the aftermath.

Okay here is is ready to be painted, yes! I am going to spray paint it!!!

Have I mentioned that I love KILZ spray primer!

Okay so for the legs, I had this old $4 table that I was not using and since the legs needed a support inside the suitcase I decided to use the legs off this table and the base of this table, I just toke it apart and used my skill saw to cut the sides off that I needed.

Then I drilled the holes for the legs.

Attached legs

For the cushion, since I cannot sew and didn't want to spend any money I used some fabric I already had and a pillow. I didn't have enough to cover the whole pillow but it wasn't necessary anyway.

Wallah! I think it needs more!

Of course buttons, flowers, and rik rak make it complete.

Dottie was very happy to model the bed for us lol, I think she likes it!!!

Okay I have WAY more stuff to work on, also some more posts of things I have already done. So I will see you next time!!!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

headache and curtains

im sorry. ive been so busy with work and family that i havent had time to post lately. although i did make the curtains for my craft room with the help of my awesome Nanny earlier this week while i was off work(it took a full day to make them!!!) and i will post a pic once i get the room all cleaned up. which will not be today cause my head is aching and i was supposed to work but i called in. i hate missing work but my head just wont let up with the pain. so its lots of ibuprofen and water and sleep for me for the next day or so. thanks for reading!!! hopefully i will resume blogging and crafting as usual soon.