This is just me, my craft ideas, and stories about my weenie dogs!! I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog design

Today my creativity has been focused on designing my blog. I am learning so much and finding so many cool and free resources for this. My favorite is http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/  The style is just what is says and the tutorials are so easy. I love it. I have a lot more to learn but for now I would say my blog is looking pretty good thanks to the free stuff out there. Some others I have found are:
 Anyway I really like blog design but I like hands on crafting more. SO be waiting for next week when I am off work and will be doing a lot of fun new stuff to share!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

projects from my previous blog

Since I had to shut down "The Daily Craft Stop" blog that I started due to operator malfunction, lol, I am re-posting some of the projects I had on there. I am summing them up into one post.


spare room turned into scrapbook room

Old mirror bought for $10- painted for a quick fix

 Notice the mirror pained Purple!! :)

Gumball Machine- Button holder
Another one of my favorite things on earth is BUTTONS, I have been collecting them for a while and I just can get enough. So while I was cleaning out my garage for a yard sale I foundt this and my friend, Lensey, suggested to put buttons in it. So she gets the credit.

Homemade pincushions(I got this idea from another blogger http://punkprojects.blogspot.com/)

Old Shelf turned into a DIY charger station
This is a pretty lengthy how to so I will sum it up. Old shelf, turned upsidedown, painted, trim peice added, holes drilled and done. I really do love this and the best part is the shelf was only $5 at a yard sale.

And my pup children


Friday, March 25, 2011

Seek and you will find

Okay today I got off work at 7 am, yes, 7am! I work the wonderful night shift and I wouldnt have it any other way! So being that this is the first yard sale weekend of Spring, me and my Nanny, (the person who I most likely inherited all of my crafting abilities from) decided to go yard selling (saling?) today!! I picked up some great things that I will be repurposing and crafting on in the near future! But my favorite find was an accident.
Have you ever just seen a flea market find and said, "oh this will be perfect for_______" Well it happened to me today. It was like one of those "ah ha" moments. I was so sleepy driving home that I convinced Nanny that I had to make one more stop to get out and walk around. This is the absolute truth, I was about to be asleep at the wheel(I have been up all night remember)
So we stop at this flea market and start browsing and I see this:

 And then I was like, "ah ha, this would be perfect for RIBBON!" Even though I have the Clip it Up ribbon wall storage, this is much cuter, it mixes my love of antiques and ribbon! What is this contraption you might ask? The owner of the flea market said it was used to roll up old newspapers to make into logs for a fire. Hmmm....I like my idea for it better!
The perfect answer to my plethora of organization! :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

TRASH to TREASURE: side table

I drove by my coworkers house and saw this side table in her trash pile. I immediately called her like 3 times til she finally texted me back and she said I could have the table! YAY! SO here is the before:

 Yikes, the first order of business was to sand it and fix the front decoration trim where a piece had been broken. I just took the jigsaw and made the other side look the same.
 Cherry red gloss spray paint by Krylon, turned out a little to bright for me.
 So I glazed it with glaze and some green paint mixed. this is the first time i have ever glazed and it was FUN!
it helped bring it back to antique looking

see the pretty details.

Anyway I had a lot of fun with this project. I love mostly that it was practically free!!  Except the paint but I had most of it on hand!!

I'm Back for more Blogging, this time I hope I dont mess up

Okay so I accidently lost all my followers from my previous blog, "the Daily Craft Stop." I am not that great at this blogger thing but I am learning. I had to just start over and erase my previous blog. So here I am with a new one. Dont worry, I will repost all of the previous craft projects that were on the old one. It sucked having to start over, but on the plus side, I have learned more about the blog design and this one is much cuter. Plus the name is WAY better thanks to my BFF from childhood through high school and still today: Alisa!!! I HEART U ALISA!! (now start following my blog or I'll beat you down!) lol!
I have to work this weekend but wait for new posts to come next week I promise!!!