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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back for more Blogging, this time I hope I dont mess up

Okay so I accidently lost all my followers from my previous blog, "the Daily Craft Stop." I am not that great at this blogger thing but I am learning. I had to just start over and erase my previous blog. So here I am with a new one. Dont worry, I will repost all of the previous craft projects that were on the old one. It sucked having to start over, but on the plus side, I have learned more about the blog design and this one is much cuter. Plus the name is WAY better thanks to my BFF from childhood through high school and still today: Alisa!!! I HEART U ALISA!! (now start following my blog or I'll beat you down!) lol!
I have to work this weekend but wait for new posts to come next week I promise!!!


  1. Hey Lexi, I'm trying to blog too. Thought it would be a craft thing, but it's more of a what am I thinking about at that moment thing. Can't wait to see what you post. We miss you at the store.

  2. BTW, my blog site is www.mimcats4.com