This is just me, my craft ideas, and stories about my weenie dogs!! I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I haven't been very blog savvy this week. I have cooked a few meals and just didn't have time to document them. I have been extremely busy and pre-occupied. Anyway one thing I have worked on is painting on shoes. I keep seeing people with the coolest Toms painted and I know that my inner craft goddess can do this. So I bought a pair of $5 ones from Walmart and started practicing and within a day or 2 I had 4 orders from people wanting me to paint thier shoes. So as soon I get some of these cute ones done I will definitely be posting about it.

I got to go to an OU game last weekend and a friend of mine had on these handpainted shoes. Too cute!!!
And here is the Walmart $5 shoes I practiced on. I am sure excited to actually paint on some Toms.
I found a lot of inspiration and helpful tips from this blog. http://www.coneyislandcalifornia.com/painted-toms-how-to-paint-your-own-toms-painted-vans/
God is amazing and blessing me in ways I can't even begin to describe right now. His love is just overwhelming in such a good way that I start to see everything around me differently. God Bless!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Hits from YouTube

My blog has had 17 hits today from YouTube and 39 all this week. So I went to the site. It's a video game and it was like 14 minutes long and I didn't watch it all the way throughout. But I noticed in the jillion comments that everyone was saying "why is my blog getting hits from here?" very very strange. Sorry bout the quick and loosely edited post here. I'm on the mobile blogger app and just wanted to get that posted. Totally weird.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



 I found this recipe off of Pinterest and it captured my eye cause it read "4 ingredients" 
HELLO!! It has to be easy! I linked it back to the original site it was pinned from Everyday Belle blog

When I first saw these I thought, "Ok this is the most awesome idea ever." I hate eating yogurt plain and I thought if I can make it taste good then that is the best way to get my yogurt serving. Although I am sure all the sugar in the syrup cancels out the yogurt benefits lol. You could use sugar free syrup............but I didn't.


THESE WERE AWESOME! and I ate them all, it made about 4 small ones.

DIFFICULTY: EASY but................the batter is seriously thick so you have to spray your griddle or pan first and spoon the batter onto it and it will be a large blob. They won't flatten out alone so you have to brown the bottom of the blob, then flip and flatten them with a turner/spatula and then be sure to flip again and brown the outside edges of the original side that was partially browned. But otherwise it is easy.

RATING: 5/5.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE:  I would not change a thing! They came out kinda dense, and that is okay with me cause I love them that way!