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Saturday, June 18, 2011


this has nothing to with being crafty but in the midst of a divorce and some major depression i have decided to get my life back. so for about a week i have been walking daily about 2.5 miles or more and eating right. i have lost almost 10 lbs in about 2 weeks. so my friend amy decides i need to run with her in this 5k thing, ha what a laugh, but why not try?

so at 7 am i signed up and did my best. i was not able to run much at all, i am not a good runner, and have never been. i finished 2nd to last and trust me the lady behind me was not behind far, she actually had passed me and was about to beat me and amy who had been finished for a while came and ran beside me coaching me to push harder, so i ran to the finish line, 2nd to last, and very tired lol.

i think i want to someday actually finish the whole thing without stopping but for now im gonna focus on just making it around the track one time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

dog is sick

One of my babies is sick and I dont know which one. There has been two occasions of blood in the urine. My dogs dont usually pee inside but last week I was gone for several hours one day and I left them loose in the house and found a small pile of urine with blood in it or so I think. Well I thought nothing of it but now today I just found more. Now I have latched the doggy door and trapped them in hoping to catch the one with blood so I know which one to take to the vet. I am so worried. I kinda think its Hershey and he is my favorite. He is acting lazier than usual but I thought that was due to the hotter weather. Strange thing is he came in from outside one day last week and his eye slime looked blood tinged. now Im scared someone might be poisoning them. I am probably getting paranoid but I cant help it. I may just take both of them to the vet tomorrow. Please send up doggy

more uses for old frames

I have a love for old frames and I always need some kind of clever storage for something.

Start with old frame or new frame, any frame will work.

 I used the gold one on the left. This used to have a photo of me when I graduated college but the glass broke so I saved the frame. The one on the right was actually black and it was a home decor item from Kirkland's that literally fell apart but I was able to manage to save the frame for another use.
 I used screen leftover from my Mom re-screening her door and spray paint and some scrap fabric. I made the fabric flowers with the scrap fabric. Here is a tutorial for fabric flowers.
So far this is a very useful piece. I need a bigger one though cause I have too much jewelry, I suppose you can get little S hooks to use to hang rings and bracelets, necklaces, etc.

I used the blue frame to frame another wall item. My daughter bought me this pretty piece for Christmas last year and it just needed to be highlighted. So i distressed an glazed it and it looks great with the wall art.

$10 dresser turned entry shoes/junk station

I got this dresser thing for $10. yes, I was shocked at the price. It was a lady had tons of antiques and she just didn't want to work on it. It was definitely in rough shape.

I have held on to it for a while and I really almost thought about getting rid of it. Then it dawned on me. I need a place to keep shoes when you walk in the front door. I have a very small entry way and a very small living room so space is needed. I had the bright idea to convert this dresser into just what I needed. Shoe storage and more space.

pic of the problem:shoes everywhere. (this is just one of many shoe spots.)
 The $10 beast I found at a local yard sale
 First I sawed off the bottom drawer shelf thing and primed it with KILZ, at this point I was like "what am I thinking?"
 Then I used some old paint and mixed it til I got the color I wanted. I just used regular latex wall paint.
 Then I glazed with brown and wiped off til I got the "desired look." I am fairly new to glazing and this is the largest piece I have ever attempted. I didn't worry too much about the back "nooks" on the top cause I am hoping to find some baskets to fit just right there.

 The finished piece. See the bottom where I can stuff the shoes!!! YEAH!!!

I don't think it is quite finished yet..............................
 Well the shoes have to be covered......so...........
a burlap shoe curtain and its done!!!!!
This was not an easy project. SO MANY LAYERS OF PAINT! but for $10 and no other cost cause I already had the paint and glazing stuff and the burlap for the bottom, I would say this is worth $10! Plus it will help me declutter the rest of my house cause who cant use more drawer space? The burlap totally matches my knock off PB lamp!

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