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Sunday, June 5, 2011

$10 dresser turned entry shoes/junk station

I got this dresser thing for $10. yes, I was shocked at the price. It was a lady had tons of antiques and she just didn't want to work on it. It was definitely in rough shape.

I have held on to it for a while and I really almost thought about getting rid of it. Then it dawned on me. I need a place to keep shoes when you walk in the front door. I have a very small entry way and a very small living room so space is needed. I had the bright idea to convert this dresser into just what I needed. Shoe storage and more space.

pic of the problem:shoes everywhere. (this is just one of many shoe spots.)
 The $10 beast I found at a local yard sale
 First I sawed off the bottom drawer shelf thing and primed it with KILZ, at this point I was like "what am I thinking?"
 Then I used some old paint and mixed it til I got the color I wanted. I just used regular latex wall paint.
 Then I glazed with brown and wiped off til I got the "desired look." I am fairly new to glazing and this is the largest piece I have ever attempted. I didn't worry too much about the back "nooks" on the top cause I am hoping to find some baskets to fit just right there.

 The finished piece. See the bottom where I can stuff the shoes!!! YEAH!!!

I don't think it is quite finished yet..............................
 Well the shoes have to be covered......so...........
a burlap shoe curtain and its done!!!!!
This was not an easy project. SO MANY LAYERS OF PAINT! but for $10 and no other cost cause I already had the paint and glazing stuff and the burlap for the bottom, I would say this is worth $10! Plus it will help me declutter the rest of my house cause who cant use more drawer space? The burlap totally matches my knock off PB lamp!

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  1. whoa! i love that you can really see the details now that it's painted. the little curtain to hide the shoes is brilliant! great job!

  2. Wow and Wow again!! What a beautiful piece -- so glad you saw beyond the crud and rescued this -- love all the details and your glazing is fantastic!