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Saturday, June 18, 2011


this has nothing to with being crafty but in the midst of a divorce and some major depression i have decided to get my life back. so for about a week i have been walking daily about 2.5 miles or more and eating right. i have lost almost 10 lbs in about 2 weeks. so my friend amy decides i need to run with her in this 5k thing, ha what a laugh, but why not try?

so at 7 am i signed up and did my best. i was not able to run much at all, i am not a good runner, and have never been. i finished 2nd to last and trust me the lady behind me was not behind far, she actually had passed me and was about to beat me and amy who had been finished for a while came and ran beside me coaching me to push harder, so i ran to the finish line, 2nd to last, and very tired lol.

i think i want to someday actually finish the whole thing without stopping but for now im gonna focus on just making it around the track one time.

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