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Sunday, June 5, 2011

dog is sick

One of my babies is sick and I dont know which one. There has been two occasions of blood in the urine. My dogs dont usually pee inside but last week I was gone for several hours one day and I left them loose in the house and found a small pile of urine with blood in it or so I think. Well I thought nothing of it but now today I just found more. Now I have latched the doggy door and trapped them in hoping to catch the one with blood so I know which one to take to the vet. I am so worried. I kinda think its Hershey and he is my favorite. He is acting lazier than usual but I thought that was due to the hotter weather. Strange thing is he came in from outside one day last week and his eye slime looked blood tinged. now Im scared someone might be poisoning them. I am probably getting paranoid but I cant help it. I may just take both of them to the vet tomorrow. Please send up doggy


  1. I love your cute little blog and check in often to see what's new. When I read this post my heart went out to you. I have two fur babies of my own and my boys tease me that I treat them like children :) I have said a prayer for them and hope since this post you have received good news. It can be very hard when our pups aren't well. Best wishes and good health to all!

  2. i should have updated, he is better, had to have some antibiotics but is doing better now!!! thank u!