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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I haven't been very blog savvy this week. I have cooked a few meals and just didn't have time to document them. I have been extremely busy and pre-occupied. Anyway one thing I have worked on is painting on shoes. I keep seeing people with the coolest Toms painted and I know that my inner craft goddess can do this. So I bought a pair of $5 ones from Walmart and started practicing and within a day or 2 I had 4 orders from people wanting me to paint thier shoes. So as soon I get some of these cute ones done I will definitely be posting about it.

I got to go to an OU game last weekend and a friend of mine had on these handpainted shoes. Too cute!!!
And here is the Walmart $5 shoes I practiced on. I am sure excited to actually paint on some Toms.
I found a lot of inspiration and helpful tips from this blog. http://www.coneyislandcalifornia.com/painted-toms-how-to-paint-your-own-toms-painted-vans/
God is amazing and blessing me in ways I can't even begin to describe right now. His love is just overwhelming in such a good way that I start to see everything around me differently. God Bless!!

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