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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog design

Today my creativity has been focused on designing my blog. I am learning so much and finding so many cool and free resources for this. My favorite is http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/  The style is just what is says and the tutorials are so easy. I love it. I have a lot more to learn but for now I would say my blog is looking pretty good thanks to the free stuff out there. Some others I have found are:
 Anyway I really like blog design but I like hands on crafting more. SO be waiting for next week when I am off work and will be doing a lot of fun new stuff to share!!!


  1. to get the shabby designs, go to shabbyblogs.com

  2. Yours is looking pretty good! I am still figuring mine out! I have lots of crafts to post I just havent had time for pics and to post them!!