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Friday, May 13, 2011


I debated about this for a while but finally decided it might be worth it, I mean, Hey, I have 13 real followers right? LOL- I am not thinking I will ever make any money on this blogging thing, I am only blogging because I love the crafts that I do and I get so inspired by the others on the Internet that I wanted to share mine with the world too. None of my very close friends or family are crafty or interested in my crafts(besides my Nanny-who I inherited all this craftiness from) so I thought, why not start a blog and share with the world who will appreciate my ideas as much as I do theirs. And so far it has been good, I have had 1000+ page views to my blog(some my own before I discovered the handy little "don't track your own views" option) and it has connected me to other bloggers with even bigger and better ideas than mine.

I think creativity is something that has to be fed and developed, nourished and supported. I am so glad I have my new Blogland friends to share with!!!

So please forgive me if blogs with ads annoy you, I will try to keep them to a minimum and keep the design easy on the eyes, I just thought, maybe....it could help support this crafting habit of mine, after all....yard sale season had begun!!!!

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  1. I am the only crafty one in my family too! It is great to have a outlet to showcase your creative side to, especially to those who appreciate it! It doesn't hurt to get a little compensation either :). Thanks for dropping by my blog!