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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am not a gardener or flowery type person. I do not have the patience to plant something and watch it grow or do the maintenance to help it grow. I guess this is why I craft and paint stuff cause I like instant gratification.

It is really embarrassing because the lady who I bought my house from had the most immaculate flower beds and they are even already set up on a sprinkler system and I still don't mess with them.

My mom has been nagging me about some kind of bean tree that is a weed that is consuming my flower bed, I knew it was a weed but I kinda didn't cause it looked like it was supposed to be there. 

SO I need some advice about easy flowers to grow that grow fast and are easy to maintain. I think I will give this a try in the next few weeks or so. Any advice is welcome

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