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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My friend Chandel's blog

her new bloghttp://prissystitches.blogspot.com/ 

My friend Chandel is a dress making fool, she is also a dog lover and if you think I am crazy about Hershey and Dottie, you have no idea how crazy about a dog this girl can be! I keep meaning to arrange for a doggie play date for our babies but havent had time to yet. I am quite sure the weiners and Chandel's "Little Dog/Big Dog" could really get into quite an adventure!

Go check Chandel's page out and give her some blog love please. It is such a boost to get new followers and comments from others!

As for me, I am working on some pretty awesome stuff! Will have a new post by the end of today hopefully!


  1. Aww, your to sweet. I just posted a couple more dresses on my blog. This is so much fun. I have more to come.

  2. i love that dress! way to cute:)