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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As you have probably heard from me already, if you read this blog, my Nanny who has taught me everything I know about crafting and sewing is an AWESOME ARTIST! She has been painting with oil/canvas for as long as I can remember. She used to have a portrait of "Buffalo Bill" and I remember being scared of him and my sister and cousins teasing that he was one of our dad's. I cant remember the details. Those were fun times though!!

Anyway there is a portrait here of my beloved Hershey dog when he was just a puppy. She painted this from a photo I had given her. She has made special paintings for all of her kids and grandkids, she is just so talented!

Please check out Nanny's artwork



  1. I came across your blog via DIY Show Off. I LOVE the puppy bed you made from the suitcase. I am definitely going to need to keep my eyes peeled for a vintage suitcase so I can make something similiar for my fur babies. Good luck with your new blog. I started back in September so I am pretty new on the scene too. Stop on over if you'd like. :) -Lauren