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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Now that I am on this money saving spree and doing it yourself spree and trying to give my daughter the "picture perfect" mother she always wanted(lol- I am far from it!!!) I have decided at least once a week I will attempt a new creative recipe from mine or my daughters Pinterest Board. I'm never going to lose any more weight since I am on this cooking spree!!!

I think I will suprise her by cooking a meal from her own "Food" ideas board. SINCE I KNOW SHE DOESN'T READ MY BLOG I think the suprise factor will be easy. The trick is going to be getting her to pin more food ideas cause right now the pickins are slim!


Found off my own Pinterest food board. "Boyfriend Cookies" from Sinful Southern Sweets, a blog I may regret having found, lol. Because all the sweets on here look unbelievable!!!

 (note I bake in a toaster oven and it takes forever to get anything done! My oven is out of commission for now......so........hopefully I will get it fixed soon) And I cheat with foil cause I hate dishes. Wasteful I know...........
 I had so so so much dough leftover that I made balls and squished between wax paper and left instructions so I'd remember how to cook them again. I put these in the freezer and I have no idea how long they'll last in there. It won't matter because I am sure we will cook them soon enough.

DIFFICULTY: Kinda, because there is so much dry ingredients and candy going into the dough its kinda hard to mix. And not eat the candy lol.

RATING: 4/5. Tastes awesome.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE:  I would not use as much baking soda, they came out a little cakelike to me and I prefer a more dense cookie. Also I would definitely cut the recipe in half unless I needed this much. And I would prolly use less flour because like I said I don't love the bready cakey texture. If anyone has any tips I would love to know.

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  1. I think that is really sweet that you are getting them from your daughter's board!